Laser cutting is currently one of the most advanced technologies in the field of sheet metal cutting, it opens up unlimited opportunities for manufacturing of products of complex shapes including exclusive design. We offer high-quality metal cutting services using complex  BySpirit Pro 3015 of the Swiss company Bystronic fulfilling both one-time orders and producing serial products.  This modern laser equipment has a lot of advantages, namely:

  1. High accuracy of feeding and cutting of a laser beam.
  2. Minimum contamitation on the surface of detail.
  3. Reduction of energy costs.
  4. A low probability of deformation of metal sheet.
  5. Creation of complex volumetric contstructions with high speed and minimum area of processed material.

Laser cutting is used to create:

  1. Details of machine-building equipment
  2. Decorative stands, racks, shelves and equipment for trade industry
  3. Elements of boilers, tanks, chimneys and furnaces.
  4. Details of doors and gates, wrought iron fences.
  5. Wardrobes and cabinets of individual design.
  6. Non-standard signs, stencils, letters and templates.

To calculate the exact cost of your product, send to e-mail: in DXF, DWG format,  in 1: 1 scale or raster format JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF (in the form of a sketch or drawing) (in name the metal, thickness and quantity). In the title indicate the required terms and whose metal.

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