Metal bending is processing of a workpiece by pressing on its surface to obtain necessary deformation. At such influence a volume detail is received. In the process of bending the outer layers of metal are stretched and the inner ones are compressed.

The final product is completely seamless with high physical characteristics and aesthetic properties. With a properly organized process high accuracy of linear and angular dimensions is ensured. Due to the lack of seams the resulting detail is more durable and resistant to corrosion.

Our company uses sheet bending complex TruBend 5170 of German company Trumpf that allows to perform economical and high-quality processing of details of any geometry. We produce products of a standard configuration and according to the drawings provided by the customers.

The modern equipment allows to make products of various complexity:

Roofing materials and components.
Metal profiles.
Covering details for vehicles.
Parts of industrial equipment or household appliances.
Much more.

To calculate the exact cost of your product, send to e-mail: in DXF, DWG format,  in 1: 1 scale or raster format JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF (in the form of a sketch or drawing) (in name the metal, thickness and quantity). In the title indicate the required terms and whose metal.

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