Powder coating is the process of applying a powdery polymer coating on the surface of products.  Today it is one of the newest technologies that allows to get high-quality products.

Qualitative powder coating can be carried out only with the help of professional equipment. The durability of the product  in general depends on it.

The coating itself should provide maximum protection of the product from unfavorable effects of external factors. Powder coating has increased resistance to various physical and mechanical influences.

Powder coating is a modern economical, environmentally friendly technology for creating of high-quality decorative and protective coating for various objects.

Strength and durability – powder coatings have incresed chemical resiatance and phisical and mechanical properties, coatings have high anti-corrosion properties. These properties allow to receive shockproof, chemically resistant with anti-corrosion properties of the coating capable to operate in the temperature range from -60 to 150 ° C. Besides the damage of painted products during transportation is minimized.

Environmental friendliness – the absence of solvens solves the problem of environmental protection and personal safety. Painted products are absolutely safe during contact with food and medicine.

To calculate the exact cost of your product, send to e-mail: office@mto.com.ua in DXF, DWG format,  in 1: 1 scale or raster format JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF (in the form of a sketch or drawing) (in name the metal, thickness and quantity). In the title indicate the required terms and whose metal.

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