Welding is the process of formimg an inseparable connection between different parts of  metal constructions by creating interatomic bonds between them. Today it is one of the most common types of metal processing.

To meet he needs of customers we have 14 welding stations.  Our company also uses robotic complex Kuka KR240. The Kuka robot is a master of mobility with a big range designed specifically to create compact and economical production systems.

The robot has a compact design, improved efficiency as well as an extremely large working space and increased distance between the main points of center of gravity.

It is used to solve the following problems:

Welding and soldering

Spot welding

Laser welding



To calculate the exact cost of your product, send to e-mail: office@mto.com.ua in DXF, DWG format,  in 1: 1 scale or raster format JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF (in the form of a sketch or drawing) (in name the metal, thickness and quantity). In the title indicate the required terms and whose metal.

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