Обзор методов резки металла

  • Обзор методов резки металла

Along with the increasing demand for metal cutting, new cutting technologies are being developed; which are more precise and more economical. When it comes to metal processing techniques used nowadays; the most common ones are laser cutting, plasma cutting, or water jet cutting. The choice of the cutting technique greatly affects the overall cost of metal positions making, ie structures, and their quality as well. The question is, which is the best metal cutting technique?

The comparison of different metal cutting techniques

Laser metal cutting

Laser metal cutting has been in use for 25 years, and cutting technology is continually improving. From the initial use of lasers, modern technology, in particular CNC, has enabled increased precision and economical laser cutting, making it one of the most affordable cutting techniques. Depending on the strength, laser technology can cut soft metal up to a 12.7 millimeters of thickness, inox of 10 millimeters maximum thickness and aluminum of 5 millimeters maximum thickness. The maximum metal thickness that can be cut with laser is 25 mm for structural and stainless steel, and 15 mm for aluminum.

Laser metal cutting is most commonly used for cutting homogeneous structure metals, while impurities and admixtures greatly reduce the quality of the cut. In addition to reduced quality, fused metal resulting as an inevitable cutting product can damage the optical lens of the laser. Today, in practice, there is a growing need for cutting very thin materials requiring additional operations during cutting. Because of the low material thickness, it is necessary to drain the heat resulting from the cutting process itself.

Therefore, laser cutting is being used in cutting various metal types and maximum thickness depending on the power of the laser. With economy and quality; the combination of laser and CNC technology enables the performing of the cut and very complex positions.

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