Три ключевых фактора для качественной лазерной резки

  • Три ключевых фактора для качественной лазерной резки

Before laser cutting begins, a few questions have to be asked, to answer the question about the possible quality after the cutting process is completed. We bring you the advice of one of the renowned experts in the area of laser metal cutting.

Regular maintenance is the key to laser cutting quality

To make the cut as good as possible, the laser cutter requires regular service and cleaning.

However, many companies forget about the importance of regular maintenance. One of the leading experts for laser metal cutting, Brent Donner, brings a few questions that need to be asked before the cutting begins, in order to ensure satisfactory cutting quality.

Otherwise, Donner is a long-time consultant with great experience in laser cutting projects. During the visits to numerous companies that asked for his opinion, he noted the three major failures that laser cutter operators are doing.

Before each laser cutting project, three most important questions must be asked, in order to ensure that the quality of the project implemented is as good as it can be.

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